Lanzhou New Area Commercial Investment Group builds a new pattern of coal trade

2022-09-22 15

In recent years, Huida Commercial Company of  CTLI Group has closely focused on the overall goal requirements of "two and three years", deeply cultivated the coal trade field, optimized the industrial layout, built the mechanism, built the platform, expanding the market, and promoted the transformation of the platform resource advantages into development advantages. Since 2022, commercial Investment Group Huida Trading Company has completed 509,500 tons of coal trade, and achieved a revenue of about 370 million yuan, up 167% year on year.

Standing at the new development starting point, commercial investment group hui da trade company will give full play to its own resource advantages, adhere to improve company economic benefits, foster new profit growth point as own duty, focus on market demand, actively develop with coal mine, heat source plant production and terminal demand enterprise direct cooperation, constantly optimize the coal trade industry chain, inject strong impetus for the group of high quality development.