Lanzhou New Area Commerce Trade and Logistics Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: CTLI Group) is a large state-owned enterprise group affiliated to Lanzhou New Area Administration Committee. It has a registered capital of 1.15 billion yuan, a total asset of 16.047 billion yuan, with AA long-term corporate credit rating. It is the main force of Lanzhou New Area to implement the “Belt and Road” initiative, to build an important strategic platform for the city to open to the west, and to construct a key corridor of the “Silk Road Economic Belt” in Gansu. The company is based on the domestic market and internationally-oriented. It makes good use of Gansu’s geographical advantages, such as Lanzhou New Area Railway Port, Zhongchuan International Airport, Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone and other windows of western opening-up. It is mainly engaged in international and domestic trade, bonded comprehensive services, warehousing and logistics, urban asset management, and new material processing. The company was rated as "Top 100 Logistics Enterprises in Western China" "2019 China Logistics Top Ten Growth Enterprises" "National 4A-level Logistics Enterprises". In 2019, the Group achieved an operating income of 36.01 billion yuan (5.09 million US$), which was 2.3 times the same period of the previous year and entered the top 10 state-owned enterprises in Gansu Province.

Shouldering the mission of “promoting the regional economy by devoting to the prime location of the Belt and Road”, CTLI Group, with railway stations, Zhongchuan International Airport and Lanzhou New Area Free Trade Zone standing around, actively explores domestic and international markets and builds international environment for commerce, trade and logistics. With the aspiration of “building international trade & logistics center in the West and constructing international multimodal transport base” bearing in mind, the company also strives to promote the integrated development of the Free Trade Zone and the ports, trying to realize rapid economic and social development of the New Area.